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Maximise your neuro rehabilitation recovery:
rehabilitation for every need

cereneo is one of the world’s leading clinics in the field of stroke, Parkinson, trauma and brain disease rehabilitation. Our patients receive a personally tailored treatment plan, including the latest therapy methods and innovative technology.

Our mission & values

Everything we do is focused on providing individuals the knowledge, tools and technologies they need to recover, enabling them to sustainably manage their health and rehabilitation and continue to pursue their personal ambitions.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Luft

cereneo aims to explore and research the full potential of neurorehabilitation, to make it accessible to patients as early as possible.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Luft

Our corporate values

EXCELLENCE is characterised by the incorporation of the latest discoveries in research and first-class service for patients.


SINCERITY What we do, we do it with all our hearts. This of course includes cordial interaction with our patients, but also with all of our employees.


MOTIVATION We motivate each other to achieve our goals together. We motivate patients to utilise their resources in the best way possible and to use them in a targeted manner in order to improve their quality of life.


TEAMWORK We are a team and we know that everyone gives their best. We support each other and can rely on each other. In this way, we promote a corporate culture based on trust.


INNOVATION Innovative diagnostic testing and analysis of neurological deficits are researched and new therapeutic approaches and devices are tested. This enables us to be innovative and agile without losing our proven foundation.


Medical Professionals / Physicians

Alma Gaite Flück


Ana Mangas Cela


Ardian Cetta

Head of Nursing

Benjamin Omercic

Christian Kadolph


Christopher Pithan

Head Marketing & Sales

Claudia Mai

Daiva Mascara


Dave Marschalleck

Administration & Reception

David Freigang


Dennis Marschalleck

Head Patient Experience

Elisabeth Gabbud


Gina Rolli

Quality Management & Administration

Guichande Duarte

Assistant Physician

Johanna Krenz

Katrin Haberzettl


Laila Bladh

Lara Schöneborn

Speech Therapy

Dr. med. Leopold Zizlsperger

Medical Director Vitznau

Lisa Zehenter


Mahmoud Ramazani

Marc Zimmermann


Maria Steier

occupational therapy

Maria-Sorina Muntean

Markus Fuchsberger

Head Finance

Dr. med. Meret Branscheidt

Medical Director Hertenstein

Milena Valle


Myriam Spring

Head HR

Ngawang Lhadon Gyaltsang

Priska von Holzen


Ramzi Kacem

Hospitality Manager

Dr. med. Rebeka Hughes

Senior Physician

Robinson Kundert

Head of IT

Sarah Karström

Stefan Othmann

occupational therapy

Tanja Amsler

Vanessa Johnson

Team Manager Nursing

The safety of our patients and employees are our highest priority

Quality management

Quality management in cereneo ensures the following:

  • the continuous development of the cereneo processes
  • process improvements through the optimisation of workflows
  • better use of the competences of cereneo employees through a direct possibility of participation

to further improve the quality of the service and, in a broader sense, to be able to further develop the entire clinic for the benefit of the patient.


cereneo has a certified quality management system - ISO 9001:2015 - since March 2019.

This stands for continuous improvement of the product or process with a focus on meeting patient requirements.

The certificate is valid for 3 years.

In the sense of continuous improvement, a maintenance audit is carried out annually and a recertification audit is carried out after 3 years.

Safety measures COVID-19

In this currently difficult situation, we lay particular importance to providing the best possible protection for our patients and employees.

We ensure this by:

  • strict compliance with the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health guidelines
  • development of cereneo's own pandemic isolation concept
  • continuous review and adaptation of the concept to the applicable provisions.


The idea

The field of neurorehabilitation is not yet making full use of its potential to improve neurological disability. A better understanding of the physiological processes of recovering and learning in the brain, the use of new procedures and a higher therapy intensity (longer therapy duration) offer the prospect of improved recovery after damage to the brain. The foundation, Michael Horacek and Professor Andreas Luft discuss existing institutions, concepts and the need for a neurorehabilitation clinic.

Development work

A needs analysis and business case for the clinic in Vitznau are created together with specialist partners from the fields of hospital planning, the insurance industry, science and many other experts. This is followed by many discussions with insurance companies, doctors, health authorities and

personnel development specialists. The vision of a clinic with a new therapy concept, where all patients are treated equally and there are no differences between insured patients and those paying themselves, starts to take shape.

The foundation

After a two-year preparation phase, cereneo AG was founded in Vitznau in April 2012. The new neurorehabilitation clinic is the first new provider in this segment for decades. The differences from the other providers in the region are clear to see. The architecture and facilities were created with great attention to detail and with the aim of providing excellent neurorehabilitation. At cereneo there is a lot of space and facilities - this is done in the interest of the patients and their relatives.

The opening

cereneo opened its doors to patients for the first time in 2013. At this time, the team at cereneo consisted of just 16 people. For the carers, therapists, doctors and all of the other employees it was the start of an exciting journey towards building a new clinic with a new structure and new concepts. We began to gather evidence to back up our ideas.

Proof of concept

The clinic is now established. At the beginning of the year there are 10 carers, 14 movement therapists and 2 doctors all working in the medical field. The scientific advisory board is set up. Three members are appointed (Professor Nick Ward, University College of London, Great Britain; Professor Gert Kwakkel, VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam,

Netherlands; Professor Jon Krakauer, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA).

Breaking ground for cereneo Hertenstein

Another exciting day for cereneo kicking off the construction for the second clinic in Hertenstein, Switzerland. Up to 23 patients can be hosted in the new clinic at Lake Lucerne with state-of-the-art therapy areas and modern accommodation.

Founding of relearnlabs + ISO certification

cereneo makes another step to reach a broader group of patients, independent from their location, by founding relearnlabs, a start-up focusing on telerehabilitation services.


cereneo is constantly aiming to improve quality standards. The newly achieved ISO certifications is a great example of the effort made by the entire cereneo team.

Opening Hertenstein + ALVE therapy live

ALVE enters the market: the secure telerehabilitation platform (created by relearnlabs) goes live and the cereneo therapy concept is now available for patients around the world, independent of their location.


In October, cereneo officially welcomes the first patients to the new clinic in Hertenstein.



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