cereneo Schweiz AG, Patients and relatives
cereneo Schweiz AG, Patients and relatives

cereneo combines research and therapy in a new way. The brain and nervous system are complex organs. Damage to these organs requires comprehensive and highly personal support.

The success of the clinic is ultimately down to the people: on the one hand due to the type of individual therapy and, on the other hand, in the form of motivated and relaxed patients and relatives.

The social environment is intentionally included as it forms part of the recovery process.

therapy concept

Neurological illness / acute treatment

Damage to the central nervous system influences different bodily functions and results in disabilities with direct and indirect consequences for many areas of daily life. This damage can arise, amongst other things, as a result of strokes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease or craniocerebral injury.


The complexity of the limitations and their interaction always requires an interdisciplinary approach to therapy, whereby the different professional groups work closely together: movement therapy, speech therapy, swallowing therapy, training thought and memory in neuropsychology, clinical-neurological care and specialised neurorehabilitation care.

Patient's goal

cereneo's overriding goal is to work together with patients to offer them the greatest degree of independence in their living situation and continually improve their quality of life. The goals of the therapy are defined taking into account the patient's moral views and individual wishes.

Therapy & Treatment Success

The brain has the ability - albeit limited - to heal itself. This ability must be used in a targeted manner, supported and accelerated through the neurorehabilitative therapy. The brain of an older person is also capable of learning, provided that it receives appropriate stimuli. The ability to learn can be exploited to relearn lost functions.

Supporting the ability to self heal and relearning functions requires training. The more intensive the training, the more effective it is. Targeted training oriented around daily life has a greater benefit for the patient. In order to identify the areas to be trained, the process starts with the doctor and therapist carefully recording symptoms and analysing precisely the deficits.

After carefully analysing the symptoms, a patient-specific therapy programme is developed. The individual goals of the patient and their relatives and the individual motivation for the process of change are taken into special consideration here.

The therapy combines various procedures, including the so-called forced use concept (whereby individual movement patterns can be modified in a targeted manner), robot-supported training of precision movements in the arms and the walking movements of the legs, therapy in water and combination therapies e.g. combined cognitive, speech and movement training.

    The aim is to achieve the greatest possible therapy intensity (duration and complexity) depending on the patient's ability and motivation
    The patient's motivation is the critical criterion and continual feedback on progress is essential for this
    A team of neurologists, neuropsychologists, specialists in rehabilitative care, speech therapists, movement therapists (occupational therapists and physiotherapists) and nutritionists continually coordinate with one another
    The latest scientific findings and the use of countless highly modern and self-developed robotic devices are involved in the treatment


  • During the course of the treatment continual measurements and assessments illustrate the recovery progress.
  • If adjustments are required, the symptoms are reassessed and corresponding therapy measures identified. The effectiveness of these measures is again reviewed.
  • At the end of their rehabilitation stay at cereneo a comprehensive and critical evaluation is undertaken, together with the patient, of the goals achieved, degree of independence and quality of life.
Testimonial Markus Gerber

"I suffered a stroke in 2009. I was lying alone in my flat for ten hours. I couldn't talk or move. It took me several years to get my life back. As a former professional ice hockey player, ambition and taking myself to the limit are in my blood. After lengthy and very unsuccessful rehab – as both an in-patient and out-patient – I heard about cereneo and its unique therapy concept. I didn't hesitate for a second. I fought like an (SCL) tiger to receive treatment in Vitznau. When I arrived at Lake Lucerne I got my confirmation: no other clinic compares to it. cereneo stands for a highly qualified professional team that always works hard and flexibly, and a therapy that stimulates patients both physically and mentally. It proved to be worth it every hour of every day. cereneo was able to give me back part of the two things that are most important to me: freedom and independence."

Markus Gerber



cereneo will organise your transport, wherever you are. If required, transport can also be arranged on a stretcher with or without the presence of a doctor.
Please contact cereneo directly for detailed information and prices.


  • Welcome at reception
  • Patient accompanied to their room by a carer
  • Examination on admission by highly qualified team of Swiss doctors and therapists
  • Definition of treatment goals together with patients and relatives


The transparent rooms at cereneo create a feeling of airiness and openness:

  • Highly comfortable rooms with a first-class medical infrastructure guarantee relaxation and well-being
  • Depending on the insurance category there is a choice of room and suite arrangements

For further information and prices please contact cereneo directly.


Nutrition plays an important role in the various stages of neurological illnesses and has the potential to optimise the patient's rehabilitation:

  • Daily choice of several nutritious and tasty menus
  • Consideration of special food requirements or allergies
  • Support from the internal room service team


cereneo is located in Vitznau, connected to Park Hotel Vitznau, one of the most elegant hotels on the banks of Lake Lucerne:

  • Nearby hiking trail network covering more than one hundred kilometres
  • Rigi natural and leisure paradise with rich alpine flora
  • Lake Lucerne – one of the most historically significant Swiss lakes
  • Park Hotel Vitznau – extensively renovated with great attention to detail to meet all needs for comfort and relaxation

International patients


cereneo will organise your transport, wherever you are. If required, transport can also be organised on a stretcher with or without the presence of a doctor.
Please contact cereneo directly for detailed information and prices.


As a Swiss host, cereneo endeavours to ensure that international patients feel incredibly well looked after. The various cultural backgrounds of the patients are, of course, respected:

  • Bilingual patient administration (German, English) and translation services
  • Help with obtaining visas, support with organising transport
  • Respect for religious issues (e.g. offering Halal certified meals)
  • Consideration of patient preferences when selecting the therapists


Relatives and other people of significance for patients at cereneo are incorporated into the rehabilitation process as early as possible. Visits and the presence of family and friends create a good atmosphere, enhance the patient's well-being and help them to make a speedy recovery:

  • Provision of necessary information linked to social and financial questions about the patient's illness
  • Visits subject to prior agreement


A sense of well-being in the private environment also contributes towards the patient making a speedy and lasting recovery. Subject to availability, accompanying people can either stay directly in the patient's room or in the adjoining 5-star Park Hotel Vitznau. cereneo is available to provide further information and prices.

Testimonial Carrion family

"We came to cereneo after our son, Arturo, suffered a craniocerebral injury. We had previously experienced and visited countless clinics in various countries. At cereneo we received the best offer: the doctors, therapists and carers work hand in hand, demonstrate the highest degree of flexibility and go far beyond their professional obligations. cereneo became part of our family. cereneo is not just interested in the patient's medical treatment. The clinic staff are also caring and professional when dealing with logistical issues or very personal requests from within the social environment. We would wholeheartedly recommend cereneo to other relatives and would say to them: place your trust in Professor Luft and his team."

Carrion family