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ArmeoSenso reward

The ArmeoSenso reward study is a randomised, multi-centric study with the aim of investigating the influence of motivation on the success of therapies undertaken by stroke patients. The sensor-based arm therapy system (ArmeoSenso) is used in two different versions. These versions differ in a few game-specific points but the basic characteristics of the game remain the same. All of the participants train for 15 hours spread across 3 weeks, in addition to a standard therapy. The movements produced by the patients and the scope of the therapy remain comparable between the study groups. Possible differences between the groups in terms of the success of the therapy could be assigned to the motivating aspects of the therapy game.

In order to quantify the success of the therapy, standard clinical assessments (e.g. Fugl-Meyer assessment and Wolf Motor Function Tests) are performed by blind assessors before, after and 3 months after the 3-week training intervention. Furthermore, the movement range of each patient in the study is recorded before and after each therapy session in an automated assessment.

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