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We put stroke research
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Increased motivation and optimised intensity in stroke rehabilitation

During stroke rehabilitation it is important that the affected patients train intensively and actively during their stay in the rehabilitation clinic. When it comes to optimising the patient's training activities, clinics are normally restricted by limitations in personnel and the infrastructure. At cereneo different approaches for increasing the intensity of the therapy are implemented and verified on the basis of studies. The aim is to increase the patient's motivation through various interventions to raise the intensity of the training. Outside of the therapies performed, the patients also have various opportunities for self-training, so that they can use their stay in the clinic to the full. To be able to use the infrastructure and clinic personnel in the best way possible for training, a programme for mathematically optimising the training plan on the basis of the resources available is being developed.

During the course of the various studies at cereneo, the patient's activities and training successes are systematically recorded and documented in a form that can be evaluated. Value is placed on automating the documentation processes, incorporating them into daily life at the clinic and publishing them so that they can also be adopted by other clinics. The data generated forms an important building block for research into improving recovery after a stroke.

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