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Maximise your recovery
at home with our new
telerehabilitation services

As one of the world’s leading clinics and research institutes in the field of neurorehabilitation, we have found a way to provide supervised neurorehabilitation online bringing together all professionals that you need. We have developed a flexible and tailored telerehabilitation solution using the latest technology to support patients at home.

cereneo digital neurorehabilitation: The benefits at a glance

A fully personalised 

therapy program

based on your

needs and wishes


case management

including neurologists,

therapists and nurses

Regular consultations

and therapy reviews

with a neurologist

Use of novel

technologies, such

as sensors and games

Medical consultations with a neurologist and online personalised therapy, wherever you are in the world

We have transferred the cereneo rehabilitation concept from our clinic to the digital channels of telerehabilitation, offering a personalised service with one-on-one patient therapist interaction and self-training.


cereneo telerehabilitation provides patients with a comprehensive neurorehabilitation program, including a wide range of therapies and services: From regular consultations with a neurologist, speech and language therapy, to cognitive training, movement therapy and nutritional counselling. We complement our services by digital training and measurement devices that help us find out about your problem and deficit, and show you your progress.


Before starting teletherapy, we create a personalised therapy plan based on an initial and free of charge video consultation. Regular interprofessional meetings with our neurologists, therapists and nurses make sure that each patient's progress is monitored and the therapy plan is optimised accordingly.

Our telerehabilitation services

  • Neurological and neurorehabilitation consultation by one of our neurologists. All aspects of Neurology are covered.
  • Movement therapy (physiotherapy, occupational therapy)
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Neuropsychology (clinical assessments followed by training of cognitive functions as memory, executive functions, attention & concentration)
  • Neuro-nutrition: consultation with focus on neurological recovery (assessment and diagnosis of malnutrition, enteral/parenteral nutrition management, body composition and metabolism, Dysphagia levels’ diet, Ketogenic diet, Mind diet, healthy recipes)
  • Interprofessional reviews with neurologists, therapists and nurses


Telerehabilitation with ALVE

When working with digital tools, both functionality and data security are crucially important. With ALVE, we can fortunately provide our patients with a tool that is both specifically optimized for online therapy and fulfills the highest safety standards. 


New to Online Rehabilitation?

Maybe, you heard about telerehabilitation for the first time. In our blog post, we explain the most important facts. 


Your personal digital therapy

If you'd like to learn more about our telerehabilitation offering, we can provide you with an initial free of charge advice from our neurologists. If you would like to receive a personalised and non-committal offer, we're happy to assist you as well. 

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