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Like to receive more information about telerehabilitation or request a non-committal offer?


As one of the world's leading clinics and research institutes in the field of neurorehabilitation, we have found a way to provide supervised interprofessional neurorehabilitation online. We have developed a flexible and tailored telerehabilitation solution using the latest technology to support patients at home.

Medical consultations & online personalised therapy, wherever you are in the world

The cereneo telerehabilitation services are unique and are built on the experiences and knowledge we have gathered from working with stroke patients for many years and the insights we gained in our research centre. We have transferred the cereneo rehabilitation concept from our clinic to the digital channels of telerehabilitation, offering a personalised service with one-on-one therapist patient interaction.

What is telerehabilitation?

Telerehabilitation is the delivery of speech and language therapy, cognitive training and movement therapy via digital channels in using either therapist-to-patient interaction (video conference therapy) or self-training. Both settings are assisted by digital training and measurement devices that help us find out about your problem and deficit and show you your progress. The therapy plan is designed by our neurologists and therapists based on a video consultation with you.


Why should you start telereha now?

In times of COVID-19, related travel restrictions and safety concerns, our telerehabilitation service offering will help you to continue your recovery in the comfort and safety of your home ensuring seamless assistance and medical care. Patients with neurological disorders need continuous therapy to prevent deterioration of functioning. This can best be provided in the home environment these days using telerehabilitation services because the therapist can be virtually present at home and work with the patient like in a one-on-one therapy session.

Regular interprofessional meetings

All data and therapist experience with the patient will be discussed in regular interprofessional meetings with participating neurologists, therapists and nurses. This will help to monitor the progress and optimise the therapy plan. This continuous adjustment based on objective data will provide you with the maximum improvement and is the heart of the cereneo therapy concept, for our inpatient as well as telerehabilitation service.

What do we offer & how can you benefit from our new telereha service?

Every patient will benefit from the interdisciplinary assessment from our neurologists, speech- and physiotherapist, nutrition experts and neuropsychologists supported by a dedicated digital team to include latest tech trends into our telerehabilitation therapy. All aspects of Neurology are covered.

Each neurological telerehabilitation package includes:



- Neurological & neurorehabilitation consultation by a neurologist.

- Interprofessional reviews with our interdisciplinary team of experts.

- Neuro-nutrition - consultation with focus on neurological recovery:

  • assessment and diagnosis of malnutrition,
  • enteral/parenteral nutrition management,
  • body composition and metabolism,
  • Dysphagia levels’ diet, Ketogenic diet, Mind diet,
  • healthy recipes.
Speech- and language therapy

Integrated will be the use of novel technologies in telerehabilitation (sensors, training software, games).

Occupational therapy (movement)

Training of movement functions and tasks to master your everyday life.


Clinical assessments followed by training of cognitive functions as memory, executive functions, attention & concentration.

The easy steps to start your online rehabilitation programme



Patients choose telerehabilitation for various reasons: It could be that you are not able to travel (right now) but still like to make use of high quality therapy, you could have found us online or got referred by your insurance or doctor.



1. First contact

On request, our personal teletherapy case manager will contact you. Together you will decide on your teletherapy plan and what to expect.


Any additional questions you might have, will be answered.

2. Receive offer

After accepting your offer you will get a personal onboarding session with your case manager to ensure perfect digital setup.


All you need is a stable internet connection, a laptop or tablet.



3. Online medical assessment

Your case will be evaluated by our neurologists and other medical experts before you will receive advice about the frequency & outline of needed therapy.



All medical data is handled GDPR-compliant.

4. Start telerehabilitation

You will now start your speech, occupational or neuropsychology therapy sessions and work together with your therapist towards your goals.


Online rehabilitation made easy - with ALVE

ALVE teletherapy: safe & user-friendly

The tool that we use to perform online therapy with - ALVE - is super easy-to-use, user-friendly and safe. Patients only need a stable internet connection and a laptop or tablet (iPad) - it's as simple as that! If you would like to receive support to help you with your telerehabilitation setup, we offer advice and guidance from our cereneo therapists.

Request your non-committal telerehabilitation offer

If you'd like to learn more about our telerehabilitation offering, arrange an initial free of charge discussion with our neurologists or would like to receive a personalised and non-committal offer, we're happy to assist you. Please call us at +41 41 399 67 00 or send us a message via the contact form below, and we will reply within the next 48 hours.