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Stroke, trauma or brain disease can affect one or several of your brain functions – such as speech, movement, thinking and attention. cereneo provides a comprehensive rehabilitation programme that allows patients to get better in all areas.

The key elements of neurorehabilitation at cereneo

Neurorehabilitation aims at getting you back to a normal life without disability. This may be a challenging process which cannot be accomplished during your inpatient stay. cereneo has built a unique concept to help patients along their entire recovery process and ensure a seamless support. Our concepts are designed for patients to take control of their health and recovery, shorten the time in a hospital, provide tools and ideas to self-manage rehabilitation in daily life settings and ultimately empower individuals to take ownership of their lives.




Inpatient rehabilitation


cereneo @ Home



female patient therapists neuro rehabilitation exoskeleton after stroke
Foundation of success

Building a strong foundation for your successful and sustainable rehabilitation by using technology and data to develop a fully personalised therapy concept, which can be integrated in your daily life settings while being supported 24/7 by rehabilitation professionals.


movement therapy home environment therapist patient
Returning home

Embedding personalised therapy in your home environment by supporting interior design, equipment and technology choices, helping to set up telerehabilitation and providing personal rehabilitation therapies worldwide.


patient ipad telerehabilitation neurology
Manage yourself

Stay connected to our experts and the cereneo network: with access to flexible telerehabilitation that continuously supports you independent from your location, using technology to measure progress and make data driven therapy adjustments.




Ideally, we can support you along your entire recovery journey from inpatient rehabilitation to telerehabilitation. However, as every recovery journey is different, you can start your rehabilitation with us at any point in time and we encourage you to reach out to us to determine a rehabilitation plan tailored to your needs and preferences.

Building blocks for your successful rehabilitation


We will choose from a variety of therapy disciplines and medical services and work in interprofessional teams to find the right rehabilitation plan for you:

  • Neurological and neurorehabilitation consultation by our neurologists
  • Movement therapy (physiotherapy, occupational therapy)
  • Speech- and language therapy
  • Neuropsychology
  • Interprofessional reviews with neurologists, therapists and nurses
  • Neuro-nutrition: consultation with focus on neurological recovery








Benefits at a glance



A fully personalised 

therapy programme

based on your

needs and wishes


case management

including neurologists,

therapists and nurses

Regular consultations

and therapy reviews

with a neurologist

Use of novel

technologies, such

as sensors, body weight

support systems and robotics

Inpatient rehabilitation: Foundation of success


Curious to learn more about staying in one of our clinics?
Here is an example of what a day could look like for you:



07:30 Waking up

After a good night of sleep, get your day started with the help of our graduate nurses. You will receive your therapy plan and medication for the day and get ready for a successful day of rehabilitation. Too early for you? No worries, we are flexible to accommodate your preferred wake up time.

08:00 Breakfast

All of the meals during your stay will be discussed with and planned by our nutritional advisor to support your rehabilitation process.

09:00 Movement therapy

To start your therapy day, you will work with a physiotherapist in our gym. Working on your core strength, balance and flexibility will support your recovery journey and prepare you for the challenges ahead.

10:00 Neuropsychology therapy

After using your muscles during movement therapy, it is time to train your brain. Our experts will guide you through various exercises and games to improve your cognitive functions and behaviours.

11:00 Robotics therapy

With the help of  Armeo® Power by Hocoma, you will train your arm movement while being guided by the device and supported when needed.

12:00 Lunch

After intense therapy sessions in the morning you will be served a healthy meal to regain power. You will have time to enjoy the delicious food on our terrace overseeing the Lake of Lucerne.

14:00 Consultation with the senior neurologist

Our head neurologist will discuss the progress of your rehabilitation with you and the latest results from your assessments. He will share the feedback from the interprofessional meeting from the previous day. All insights will be used to carefully adjust your rehabilitation plan to maximise your progress and success.

15:00 Speech therapy

Speech and swallowing are essential to one's quality of life. Each pattern requires specific training. What is right for you will be assessed by our qualified speech and language therapist in the beginning of your stay and you will be constantly trained in your therapy sessions.

16:00 Water therapy

To finish off your therapy day, you will meet your cereneo therapist at the pool. Together you will perform different exercises to improve your balance, strength and flexibility using the buoyancy and support of the water.

19:00 Dinner

Time to rest, spend time with your accompanying family members and eat another healthy meal while seeing the last rays of sunlight sink behind the Swiss Alps.

cereneo @ Home: Returning home

After finishing your inpatient rehabilitation, we will make sure that you receive all the support you need
when returning home while being accompanied by one of our cereneo therapists.
Here is what your cereneo @ Home day could look like:



07:30 Good morning

Start your day with a healthy breakfast following the recipes and guidance you have received from our nutritional advisor during your stay in one of our clinics or through a video call.

09:00 Movement therapy I

Your movement therapist will work with you in your home environment and embed the exercises whenever possible into your daily routine. This could be in your garden, the kitchen or walking the stairs. These activities will help you to prepare for your daily life and increase your independence.

10:00 Speech and swallowing counselling

Your movement therapist is your interface to the cereneo network of experts and is working closely with all therapy disciplines to help you apply what you learned during your inpatient stay in your daily life. The therapist will support you during your daily speech and swallowing exercises and guide you how to further improve.

11:00 Video call with the neurologist

A key element of your cereneo @ Home programme is the exchange with our neurologist who represents the network and knowledge of cereneo`s interprofessional team of experts. In this video call, the neurologist will share the latest results from your rehabilitation assessment and the data generated by your Gripable training device with you and discuss the suggested changes in your daily rehabilitation routine.

12:00 Lunch time

You have earned your lunch break. Again, the recipes and ingredients are selected to support your recovery process and boost your resilience, strength and endurance.

14:00 Telerehabilitation set-up

Continuous rehabilitation is key to a successful recovery journey. Although our therapist is flexible to stay as long as needed to work with you at home, we are aiming to increase your independence by shifting your rehabilitation support to our secured telerehabilitation platform ALVE. The therapist will help you to set up your telerehabilitation account and will do a test video call with you to make sure everything is properly working.

15:00 Movement therapy II

Since the movement therapist is staying close to your home (e.g.) in a hotel nearby, it is easy to fit in a second therapy session for the day. This time, all exercises will be integrated into an outdoor walk through your neighbourhood. Getting some fresh air while having the support from our therapist will give you a feeling of security and the confidence that you can do it on your own in the future.

19:00 Dinner

Enjoying dinner with your family and friends, you proudly share the progress you have made over the last couple of weeks. It feels good to be back home.

Telerehabilitation: Manage yourself


We have transferred the cereneo rehabilitation concept from our clinics to the digital channels of telerehabilitation, offering a personalised service with one-on-one patient therapist interaction and self-training. cereneo telerehabilitation provides patients with a comprehensive neurorehabilitation programme where all aspects of neurorehabilitation are covered, including a wide range of therapies and services. From regular consultations with a neurologist, speech and language therapy, to cognitive training, movement therapy and nutritional counselling: we complement our services through digital training and measurement devices that help us to find out about your problems and personal challenges and show you your progress.

Telerehabilitation can be integrated into your daily routine and will not interfere with other tasks you may have. The intensity and frequency of therapy will be discussed with you to continuously support your next steps towards an independent life.


Let us show you how a typical telerehabilitation day could unfold:


09:30 Start your telerehabilitation

During the cereneo @ Home programme or your inpatient stay, your therapist has helped you to setup your laptop, microphone and camera and explained you the steps to login to your account, schedule a therapy session and how to connect with your cereneo telerehabilitation expert. When working with digital tools, both functionality and data security are crucially important. With ALVE, we can fortunately provide our patients with a tool that is both specifically optimised for online therapy and fulfills the highest safety standards.

10:00 Video call speech therapist

After you have successfully logged in to ALVE, you will see the familiar face of your cereneo speech therapist and start your training. Using a video call to continue your rehabilitation will not only foster your independence but will also give you the liberty to be wherever you want to be in the world.

11:00 Video call with the neurologist

Your progress will always be discussed in our interprofessional conference (IPC) to get the input and perspective from all therapy disciplines. Every two weeks you will have a video call with the cereneo neurologist to discuss the outcome of the IPC assessment and the recommended adjustments to your therapy plan.

12:00 Lunch

Your healthy food experience continues way beyond your stay in one of our clinics. You will receive counselling from our nutritional advisor on an ongoing basis and have access to a large selection of recipes and ingredients to choose from, boost your energy, and support your recovery process.

15:00 Video call neuropsychology expert

In the afternoon, you will check in with your cereneo neuropsychology experts for a telerehabilitation session to do a clinical assessment followed by training of cognitive functions like memory, executive functions, attention and concentration.

19:00 Dinner

After a successful day of rehabilitation, it`s time to enjoy a dinner with family and friends. You could even visit your favourite restaurant and continue making more steps towards an independent life.

teletherapy patient Neurologist

Secured Telerehabilitation with ALVE

When working with digital tools, both functionality and data security are crucially important. We use our secured platform ALVE, to provide you with a tool that is both specifically optimised for online therapy and fulfills the highest safety standards.

Like to learn more on how telerehabilitation can be integrated in your daily-life? LEARN MORE HERE

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